Favorite Cafe In New York

My favorite neighborhood coffee spot in New York is Moroccan Pause Cafe on the Lower East Side. They have amazing breakfast sandwiches, fresh made juices and smoothies and a bunch of other delicious stuff. And I love their Moroccan inspired coffee cups ❤


I used to live right around the corner from this place, and I was here almost everyday. I could sit here for hours.

Beach Life

It’s pretty sweet spending the beginning of 2017 on different beaches in the Caribbean. Especially when home is freezing cold. Beach vacations in January might be my new thing:) Here are another few pics from Maho Beach in St. Maarten.

Beautiful clear water. There was actually some Nemo fish here 🙂


Maho Beach, St.Maarten

Another day in the Caribbean. Went to beautiful Maho beach in St. Maarten. It’s the famous “airport beach” where airplanes fly right over your head. The beach is located on the Dutch side of the island (the island has a Dutch side and a French side). Beautiful beach with white sand and really clear water.